Attract Romance After Pain

Attract Romance After Pain

Those who find themselves alone again sometimes get stuck. They are relieved to be out of a bad relationship, but find it difficult to move on. It is scary to open up your heart again after such tremendous hurt or betrayal, but it can be done if you apply the right strategies.

Carolyn Harrington, a founder of Maty’s Healthy Products, as well as being a holistic health practitioner, energy healer, and medical intuitive, said there are simple steps you can take to bring new love into your life.


Forgiving those that hurt you is vitally important to a healthy future relationship. It’s also important for your well being. Relationship experts state forgiveness does more to help you than the other person. Harrington said it helps you get to break down emotional blocks that keep you from real love.

Besides forgiving your ex, you must also forgive yourself for any role you played in the break-up. This is sometimes hard to do because we, being human, want to analyze what we could have, should have done. That does no good and isn’t something you can change, so you should just forgive and let it go.

A key to this is to stop blaming yourself for failed relationships. Relationships take two people and breakups also involve two people. It isn’t fair for you to place all the blame on yourself. Along with that, stop blaming yourself for things you did that were wrong in the past relationship. It is important to accept responsibility and apologize for any hurt you’ve caused, but then it is time to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Giving Up the Past

One thing forgiveness does is help you let go of the past. Harrington said harboring angry feelings cripples you more than it hurts them. The other person may move on quickly and won’t even be aware of your hostile feelings. Yet, they become a burden for you to carry and weigh you down. They prevent you from finding new love or excitement in your life.  Harboring negative feelings only builds a wall around your heart to protect yourself. That may prevent hurt from overtaking you, but it also prevents love from flowing.

There is another reason to release negative emotions. Bad energy makes you tired and could leave you with depression. This lowers your health and well being.  Harrington said negative emotions drag your system down. The key thing is to shift your thoughts.

Shifting Thoughts to Love

Harrington said thoughts have a huge impact on reality, so they should be carefully considered. There is a lot of talk about vibrational frequencies of positive and negative thoughts, but it can be viewed in much more practical ways.

Those who are happy and optimistic tend to attract other happy, optimistic people. Those who are negative tend to attract other negative people. Negative people don’t make for good relationships. Shifting your thoughts to a more positive tone will improve your outlook and that will show on your face, in your tone, and your actions. That will attract others to you.

Love Yourself

There is nothing wrong with self-care. You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself. Harrington said learning to love yourself attractions more loving situations to you. It is similar to the law of attraction. Those who focus on something tend to attract it into their lives. So, focusing on loving yourself will not only make you happier but will attract others to love you too.

Plus, you will be more content and happy. The good vibes you are sending out will be a signal that you are ready for real love.

Learning and practicing these will lead to a more fulfilling life with lots of opportunities for love, so make a plan to create your love life now.

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