When to end up an energy-draining relationship?

All relationships require some effort to keep them healthy, but if you’re trying too hard to make your relationship work, it may be a sign your relationship isn’t meant to survive.

There are many ways to define an energy-draining relationship. Despite the feelings you have for each other, but sometimes love is not enough and you may still need to end up your relationship and start over.

Many people stay in a relationship that is consuming their mind and energy, because they are afraid to be alone or they may financially depend on their partners. They know it’s time for the relationship to end but they simply can’t accept the idea of being single again.

We all heard stories about couples who didn’t discuss it honestly and instead they started to talk to other guys and girls online. However, this doesn’t solve the problem. It’s difficult to break up with someone after spending a significant amount of time together. The life may be harder without a partner, but be brave and face it, if your partner is unable to meet your needs anymore, then it’s time to end up this draining relationship.

Some signs of a dead-end relationship you may ignore:

  1. Feeling bored

You spend more time playing on your phone than spending a quality time with your partner, or you watch TV in the living room while your partner is checking his Facebook status on his news feed.

  1. Your sex life sucks

Do you avoid having sex with your partner? Is it one of issues that leads to fight? Is having sex with your spouse makes you feel uncomfortable?

Perhaps having sex with your partner was fun when you started dating, however, You may no longer be attracted to your partner and the desire you felt for them seems to have faded on one or both of ends.”

  1. Marriage is out of the question

Being married to your current partner is completely out of the. You can’t accept the idea that you will spend the rest of your life with your partner.

  1. They are not playing their part

Do you always feel that you are the one who is taking the whole responsibility and you can’t quit your job, because if you did, you know that your partner wouldn’t be able to pay the bills?

Are you the one who is taking care of the both of you? Do you feel that your partner is a dead weight? Do you feel that your partner is financially using you?

If so, maybe it’s time to end up the relationship and find a partner who plays his part.

  1. You are irritated all the time

You are the only one who makes an effort in your relationship. Everything your partner does upsets you. Having ongoing arguments can be a sign you are forcing things to work.

  1. You always seek another opinion

It’s healthy to turn to your family and friends to give you a relationship advice. But if you find yourself ask them for their opinion every single day, ask yourself a question: (why does it constantly need fixing?)

  1. You don’t trust your partner

Trust is a big part of a relationship. Trust in the small things and the big things. Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. If you are unable to trust your partner, you will never feel safe or happy in the relationship. It is important to understand where is the lack of trust coming from? Is it your own issues or a result of something that occurred in the relationship. Without building that trust in the relationship, the relationship won’t be healthy and the relationship won’t survive.

  1. You are attracted to someone else

You are in a long term relationship but you start to feel the attraction to another one because you are unhappy with your partner.

  1. You can’t stand your partner anymore

You hate everything about your partner. Noting pleases you. He breathes and can’t even make a sandwich properly. It’s a sign that you can’t stand him anymore.

  1. You started to cancel on them

Your partner calls you to hang out or just to speak with you and you simply cancel on him/her pretending that you are busy. You come up with any excuse just to get you out of spending time with your partner, even overtime work is better than spending some time with your boyfriend!

  1. You are not jealous anymore

It doesn’t matter if your partner calls to let you know that he/she is hanging out with someone else, and you tell them to have fun and enjoy your time. You just don’t care what they are doing……. you’re more of friends than partners.

  1. You re-activate your dating app

You download the dating app and you start building your dating profile.You set your marital status to single. You are looking for someone else, someone make you happy and fulfill your needs.

You start chatting with a new guy online looking for something you are missing in your partner.

  1. You start wondering: (Am I in a dead-end relationship?)

You stay online for hours seeking some advice to help heal your relationship. You keep asking yourself the question: (Should I go? Should I stay?), hoping that things will get better and you know it won’t. You ask yourself and probably, you know the answer!


A relationship is not a job. If something is wrong, your relationship might feel an endless battle. It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you really want in a relationship. If your partner doesn’t fulfill your needs, it’s OK to move on and find someone else who does

So, don’t waste your time and life stuck in a draining relationship. It’s time consuming, energy draining and life wasting. Instead, start over and find someone new. Someone you want to be with. Go ahead and start fresh!

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