All About My Own Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Are you afraid to get a reading? Here is a journey into my own reading that may help you to choose to get a reading of your own.

A while back, I received a psychic reading. At one point, the reader told me that my next love adventure would be with a quirky Virgo. He also said I already knew this person, but that he wasn’t a constant in my life yet.

That fall, I made a love potion with a friend who, quite honestly, perfectly fit the psychic’s description. By the new year, our relationship changed to the point where it wasn’t as platonic as it had been. Things ultimately didn’t work out for us, and we went back to being just friends. But I kept thinking about what the psychic had predicted.

So, I decided recently to have a tarot card reading in hopes of changing my perspective on relationships and dating.

My Tarot Card Reader

To start the process, I wanted to find the best tarot reader. That ended up being Tina the Tarot Lady, affectionately known as Miss Tina.

When I arrived at her studio, I was greeted by a friendly tortoiseshell cat that led me right where I needed to be. Miss Tina invited me to have a seat on her couch. Her cat hopped up into my lap, and my reading began.

My Reading with Miss Tina

Miss Tina sat next to me and anointed my third eye with sandalwood oil. Then Miss Tina explained how each suit in the tarot deck corresponds to an element and either the physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional component of us.

I began shuffling the deck and asked Miss Tina when I should stop. “Listen to your gut,” she said, “and keep shuffling until you feel the cards are ready.” While I shuffled, Miss Tina removed individual cards and set them aside. When I stopped, she laughed and told me, “That was definite!”

The first card— the Indicator—represented the element of me that the cards would address in this reading. Miss Tina turned over the “Man of Cups,” which confirmed that I handle my emotions in a superficial way, without ever seeking to explore them more deeply.

My Present Life

Then she turned over two more cards that symbolized situations I was dealing with at the time. They both were cups: one was the Sage, and the other was the Child. The Sage card meant I felt confident about my beliefs and knowledge. But Miss Tina said, “If there’s dryness in your spectrum of emotions, give it water. Allow yourself as much as you need. Don’t expect somebody else to do it for you.” She said that the child card was telling me to acknowledge all of my emotions and to let myself feel them, even if they weren’t the pleasant ones.

She continued turning cards, showing more royal cards and major arcana cards. She explained, “The major arcana cards involve all of the above. So, they’re weightier. They affect a more significant portion of your being than one single card or suit.”

My Past and Future

The Sun card symbolized my past. It showed that I’ve previously learned the lesson that I need to find happiness and accept love even in the darkest times. Miss Tina then brought the reading back to my current situation, telling me about the new lessons I’ll be facing. She turned over one with two symbols: a diamond on the top, and broken crystals on the bottom.

“This card means you should concentrate not only on the diamond you’ve become so far, but also on the diamond that you yearn to become,” she said. “The broken crystals are thoughts that will hold you back from accomplishing that.”

My Hopes and Fears

The card that symbolized my hopes and my fears was the Love card. This shook me a bit! I began this quest hoping to learn how to change my perspective on love. “Nothing in this reading accentuated your fears,” Miss Tina said. There’s a lot that supports love and hope.”

My outcome card was a crystals card. This shows that what I’m ultimately seeking at the end of my journey is harmony.

My Reading Results

After my reading, I felt so surrounded by love. It was like I’d received confirmation that everybody important to me actually cares for me, too. I’m not sure I ever doubted that, but when it comes to interactions with other people, I tend to overanalyze, so I often worry that what I’m feeling isn’t truly being reciprocated. Which is what the diamond card confirmed. I learned I need to stop focusing on self-deprecating thoughts, and instead perceive and focus on the positivity that I already know is surrounding me.

After the Reading

I thought the reading might inspire me to begin seeking new relationships, focusing on any possible romantic love in my life. But it didn’t exactly do that.

Since the reading, I’ve been thinking about what I really want for myself and for my relationships. I haven’t exactly gone out of my way to meet new people and to form connections with them, but I have been focusing more intentionally on my existing friendships.

I do still worry sometimes that my loved ones aren’t as invested in me as I am in them, but I learned from my tarot reading that my concerns stem from allowing my self-doubts and my insecurities take control.

Ultimately, my reading gave me the perspective I needed to nourish the existing love in my life. It was eye-opening to see how each tarot card built the narrative I see playing out in my own life. I definitely recommend a tarot reading to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on their own lives!