5 Reasons You Might Dream About Someone

5 Reasons You Might Dream About SomeoneHave you been finding yourself dreaming about a particular person recently?  Dreams are powerful and rich with symbolism.  When you dream about someone, you are able to connect with them a liminal level.  Just as your mind is conjuring them up, this person might be thinking about you as well! Although it might be difficult to recall past dreams, try to set an intent to be more mindful about remember your next dreams to better interpret spiritual messages contain within them.

Reason 1:  You Seek the Approval of This Person

You could be seeking their approval due to multiple scenarios.  Perhaps you feel like they have been ignoring you or not engaging with you as much as you would prefer.  You also could be working through some inner conflicts with them and the dreams offer you a chance to plan and process your innermost thoughts.  Although this may be a trying experience for you, it is ultimately allowing you to heal and better comprehend how this person may be perceiving you or your actions.

Reason 2:  This Person is Thinking About You

Dreams can serve as a homing beacon for the soul.  If you find this person frequently showing up in your dreams consider that they simultaneously dreaming about you.  The next time you find this person appearing in your dream pay special attention to their words, behaviors and actions.  These may provide clues about issues that they are personal working through in regards to their relationship with you.  For example, if you haven’t seen this person in a while, they may be missing you and you should expect a call or visit in the near future.  If they are being critical of you, this person could be working through some issues of self-guilt in regards to your dynamic that they are transferring onto you.

Reason 3: This Person Seeks to Manipulate You

If you wake up in a state of anxiety after encountering this person in a dream, be concerned.  This person could be preparing to take advantage of you or bring toxicity into your life.  Be careful to avoid showing this person any sign of vulnerability the next time you encounter each other in person.  Anything you may say or do, can and will be used against you either immediately or in the near future.

This also could be sign that you have become too closed off to the world.  You are concerned that if you share too much of yourself, the world around you will hurt you.  Tap into your unique skills and joys in your life.  These will help you avoid absorbing negative energy from people seeking to cause you harm.

Reason 4: If Only…

You may be dreaming about this person because you worry that you made the right decision regarding your dynamic in the past.  You may be unsatisfied with your current life path and wondering if you did things differently where would you two be now.  You often might find yourself waking up hopeful that this knowledge can give you power to embolden yourself to make the necessary life changes.

Reason 5:  You Feel Neglected

You may have unresolved feelings with this person, particularly around processing your sadness.  You might feel like you have been used or left behind.  You also might not be sure about how they view you and your dynamics.  Be careful that in your personal life, you aren’t so fixated on this person and your pain that you are overshadowing other relationships.  Choose to focus on the present, hope for the future and forgive your past.  These dreams could be a harbinger of healing as this person likely are thinking of you at this moment and seek to move forward in a healthy manner.  If you both choose to focus on the present and take things gradually you can mend your fractured dynamic.

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