18 Signs Your Relationship Will Not Last

Your Relationship Will Not Last

No one wants to think about a relationship going sour, especially when building a new one. However, when doing the post mortem on your past relationships, it is tempting to overthink every detail of what could have gone wrong.

Here are some common signs that your relationship is most likely to fail: 

1) They disregard your friends.

This is a crystal clear signal your partner is not interested in learning what you like and who you want to be around.

2) They lie for no reason.

People may have a tough line on dishonesty. Should you catch your love in a harmless lie and choose to overlook it, you may discover yourself on the receiving end of betrayal.

3) Rudeness to family members

Everyone has issues with their family, but if you notice your potential mate completely disrespecting their parents, the chances are good that they are incapable of respecting anyone.

4) They insist on knowing where you are all of the time. 

It’s one thing to want to know if someone is safe and well. It’s another thing entirely for someone to demand knowing what you are doing every minute in a day. In an adult relationship, both partners require independence.

5) They have no tolerance for animals 

One of the first signs of emotional problems is an inability to show emotion or tolerance for any animal or pet.

6) The laugh at your goals and ambitions

If you can’t confide your aspirations to your partner, it will be impossible for you to grow together.

7) They don’t want to give your musical tastes a chance. 

Everyone has different ideas of what makes a good song. If your partner won’t even try to listen to what you enjoy, how will you agree on more important things?

8) They don’t have a savings account. 

Most adults have access to financial resources. Your bank account doesn’t need to be in thousands, but a plan should be in place.

9) They don’t like their career but won’t change it.

If your partner hates everything about their job but won’t move on, they cannot invest in your happiness by failing to do anything about theirs.

10) They won’t take risks.

If your partner is predictable to the point of boredom and is unwilling to try new things, you will have a long, tedious road ahead of you.

11) They won’t hold your hand

It may seem like a minor thing, but if your partner doesn’t acknowledge you by simply taking your hand, they may not be ready to show their love in any other way.

12) They make fun of the way you dress

If you are being niggled with “Are you sure you want to wear that?” every time you go out, they clearly don’t trust your taste.

13) They want you to change.

This may be masked as helpful hints and tips, but how will they feel when you get older if they don’t like the way you look today?

14) They cut down your friends. 

If your partner can’t be civil about the people you like, how soon will it be before they turn on you?

15) They are still in close contact with an ex. 

Are you truly comfortable with sharing your romance with someone they claimed to have moved on from?

16) You feel taken advantage of 

You are constantly doing something nice or unexpected for your partner, and it goes unrecognized or appreciated.

17) You feel alone all of the time 

If you feel lonely and unfulfilled, cut this off and find someone who truly loves you.

18) Your eye is wandering. 

If you are flirting or wanting to flirt with someone else, it’s time to reexamine what you want or need.

By recognizing the warning signs as early as possible, you will ensure you never invest time and emotion into a doomed relationship and save that time and energy for a person worthy of your love!

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