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18 Reasons Why Your Relationship Will Not Work Out

image24It’s never easy to recollect when the relationship actually started going bad. At times, it may be a simple roll of the eye, or a time when you felt underappreciated or felt that nagging feeling of insecurity. And at other times, it may be something more glaring and obvious like an affair or an argument.

The start of an unhealthy relationship isn’t easy to decipher, but it almost always begins with these 18 signs. If you see any of these unhealthy relationship signs sprouting in your romance, weed them out immediately. Doing so will not only save your relationship, but also bring more love and happiness in your relationship.

As someone who considers themselves an expert at turning people away for ridiculous reasons, I’ve compiled a few subtle signs you and your partner will never work out so you don’t have to put up with the same sh*t I did:

1. They Don’t Bother to Get to Know Your Friends

Haven’t these people heard of “if you wanna be my lover, gotta get with my friends”? Because if not they’re not only rude, they’re a moron with pop culture and should be dumped immediately.

2. They Lie About Things That Don’t Matter

If they’re lying about small things it just will make you always wonder what lies you haven’t caught them in and no one has time for that doubt and insecurity.

Rude man3. They’re Rude To Their Parents

No matter their relationship with their parents, they need to at least show their parents a level of cordial respect. Nothing is more sexy than being respectful.

4. They Constantly Need to Know Where You Are

This is often referred to as a stage-5 clinger, but if your partner constantly needs to know where you are and what you’re doing, chances are they don’t trust you at all. That, or they’re insecure and controlling and no one needs that infringing on their independence.

5. They Hate All Animals

If they can’t nurture and love something as adorable and helpless as an animal how are they supposed to take care of you?

6. They Laugh At Your Dreams

No matter what your dream is, no one should laugh at your ambitions, especially the person you’re dating. It is basically their way of spitting on your future and you’re far too wonderful and unique to let anyone tell you your dreams aren’t worth chasing.

7. They Won’t Listen To Your Music

If they’re unwilling to go out of their comfort zone to listen to the music that makes your heart skip a beat, they’re not worth your time. I’m a firm believer that music shows so much about a person’s soul–why be with someone who doesn’t want to know that part of you!

images (18)8. They Have No Savings

They don’t need to be balling, but planning for a future is important. If they’re spending every dime on partying and clothing, they have a lot of adulting to figure out before they’re ready for a serious relationship.

9. They Hate Their Job (But Do Nothing To Fix It)

At some point everyone has a job they hate, but doing nothing about it means they’re going to be just as lazy with their happiness as they are with yours.

10. They’re Unadventurous

Life is too short to not be with someone who makes every day feel like something brand new and incredibly exciting.

holding_hands-1062411. They Hate Holding Hands in Public

As far as PDA goes, this is by far the least disgusting and most adorable. If your partner isn’t ready to show the world how much they love you, why should you bother showing them?

12. They Mock Your Clothing

If you’re wearing what makes you feel the most confident and they can’t handle that, kick them to the curb.

13. They’re Constantly Hinting You Need to Change the Way You Look

Whether they’re constantly mocking your makeup choices or suggesting you do things to change your appearance, they clearly see you more as a project than a partner and that needs to be shut down.

14. They Insult Your Friends

Worse than not knowing them at all is knowing them and being a total jerk about it. They don’t have to love your friends, but should care about them solely because you do.

15. They Have An Ex They’re A Little Too Close With

Like the type of close where they try and hang out without you…or, like, at all.

16. You Feel Unappreciated

If you’re always trying to do kind things for your partner and they always leave you feeling like you’ve done nothing at all, it is time to end it. Someone out there will be grateful for your passing them a napkin, so don’t put up with burning yourself out over someone who doesn’t appreciate everything you do for them.

gom17. You Constantly Feel Alone

If you feel more alone when they’re sitting right next to you than you do when you’re sitting right next to them as they play xBox it means you feel unfulfilled and no one should ever feel that way when they should be showered in love.

18. You Find Yourself Wanting To Flirt With Other People

If you have a wandering eye, consider that maybe your eye wants to do more than wander. If your significant other isn’t making you happy remember that there are over 3 billion people on the planet who are more than willing to make you happy and hold your attention.

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