10 ways to Detox and Declutter Your Life

Spring is a good time to re-evaluate. Most people like to use it to declutter their homes, but you should take it a step further and detox and declutter your entire life. That includes the mind and soul.

There are 10 things you can do to clear your life of unproductive and negative things and make way for blessings and positivity:

  1. Clear your social circle.

We pick up many different people along the way of life and sometimes we need to redefine our social circle. Namely, we need to get rid of toxic people and spend more time with people who are positive and cheer you on.

Toxic people may not just be friends but could be family too. While we can’t disregard family completely, we can distance them and keep them out of our immediate lives and business. You will find that doing this will lower the drama and lower your stress.

Positivity breeds positivity, so hanging out with people who are optimistic and supportive will do much for your soul.

  1. Take time out for a walk.

Walking daily will not only help you physically and build your heart but will reduce stress and clear your head.

Want to make it even better? Walk in nature. Find a local park or a hiking trail. Stanford University released a study in 2015 that indicated a 90-minute walk or hike through nature left people happier and relaxed as well as lowered their risk of depression.

  1. Declutter your home.

It will surprise you how much this one thing can work wonders to relax you. If the thought of a complete overhaul causes more stress, try it one project at a time. Start with your closet. Doing one project could motivate you to choose another and soon you will be living in a nicer, relaxed environment that you can enjoy.

  1. Limit your social media, tech, and phone.

Numerous studies show that high use of social media and your cell phone causes things like depression and narcissism. Plus, scrolling through all your social pages is a time-waster than can be spent taking a class or picking up a hobby.

Along with limiting social media, also look to limit phone use in general as well as computer use and television. All can be time wasters that keep you from being productive and distract you from things that are important like your family and friends.

The worst social media network for mental health, according to a 2017 survey, is Instagram. It consistently made those who used it to feel depressed and anxious.

  1. Quit comparing.

One of the reasons for the anxiety and depression problems is that many of these social networks are comparing themselves to others. Remember, what you see isn’t always reality. It is a picture of what other people want you to believe about them and their lives. Quit comparing.

  1. Limit negative information.

It is important to keep up with things. However, just like it is important to eliminate toxic friends, you must also eliminate toxic information. This means news and some entertainment shows.

News can be warped depending on who is producing it. It tends to be negative. Some entertainment shows, like crime dramas, legal dramas, reality shows, and the like can also be negative. This is too much for your brain to handle if you are trying to remain positive.

There is a saying “garbage in, garbage out.” What you put into your brain matters. Choose wisely to input things that help you live a better life rather than negative information.

  1. Improve your diet and learn to cook.

Having a healthy diet will do wonders for your outlook, your brain function, and productivity. Incorporate more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other good things.

Along with that, learn to cook these things and try new items. Getting creative with a recipe, whether it is your grandmother’s green bean casserole or a new one using a vegetable you never even heard of, will get your creative juices flowing. It will help you learn to love good food too.

Don’t forget to treat yourself sometimes. Bake those snickerdoodle cookies!

  1. Do something just for you.

People tend to put themselves on the backburner for families, friends, or work. Take some time out to do something just for yourself. That can be an at-home facial, time for yoga, a spa day, or a class that you’ve always wanted to try. It could be putting on your favorite music for an hour. Whatever it is, take time to enjoy your moment.

  1. Be quiet.

The world is filled with noise. From television and live streaming to people constantly expressing their opinions. It’s okay to be quiet for a while. Fred Rogers, the well-known personality of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, often had quiet moments during his show. That was unheard of in television, even today. He said it was okay to have a moment of stillness.

It is okay. Some people like to meditate and others pray. Some read the scripture of their faith while others read poetry. However, you spend your quiet time, get away for a few minutes during the day to enjoy peace.

  1. Value your rest.

People today, as proven by several clinical studies, don’t get enough rest. We push it, staying up late to work, watch a movie, go out and even to remain on the phone or computer.

A lack of rest will make your head foggy and drain your energy. This can lead to irritability, bad decisions, and overall a lack of motivation.

Start valuing your rest. Make it a priority because your health is a priority. Go to bed at a set time every night. Set a nighttime routine to wind down. Don’t get on your phone or computer after 8 p.m. Don’t take your technology to bed.

Making changes in your life isn’t easy, but it is important to your overall health and mental state as well as your spiritual being. You can implement one change every few days so it isn’t such a big adjustment. Doing these things will detox your life and make you more relaxed, happier, and less stressed.

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