Signs a Plague Happened in Your Past Life

Signs a Plague has Been Part of Your Past Life

The Covid-19 scare has affected everyone in some way, but some may appear more affected than others. This could be because a plague has been part of a past life and the chaos is a trigger for painful memories that you may or may not be tapped into.

For most, the flashes of past memories come and go. That is if we can remember anything. However, when we do get flashes, it is usually related to some form of trauma that occurred in the past life. Most of the time it is related to a death, our own or that of a loved one.

For those individuals that suffered a death or watched loved ones die in a past lifetime plague, the tragedies of today could be too familiar for comfort. There are likely to be many people who have these types of memories because past plagues took so many lives. As an example, the Black Death killed approximately 50 million in the 1300s. If the Covid-19 chaos, has you on edge, here are some signs you may have experienced a plague in your past life.

Interested Before Others

If you found that you had an interest in the Covid-19 virus long before it actually came out of China, checking social media for updates while others were focused on their day to day lives, then there is a good chance you were part of a previous plague. Even if you felt an acute interest in listening to the latest news as it swept across the globe or stocked up on supplies prior to the rush, you may have a past life connected to a plague. It is likely you recognized the familiar in what was happening because it was not your first experience.

Moved by History

If you find yourself drawn to some historical event for no real reason or even just feel an emotional pull toward it, you could have once lived it. Living through a plague in a past life could have caused you to be overwhelmed, have fear, anxiety, and grief meaning these emotions have left an imprint in your subconscious. This then causes you to feel moved about events that are similar.

Fears About Past Plagues

Plagues mean germs so if you are a germaphobe and you are showing heightened fears around Covid-19, then it may be associated with a past life experience. It may not be as clear as just germs. Some may fear rats and mice which were largely involved in the Black Plague. The fear may seem irrational now but was important then.

Interest in Medicine

For some, fears from a past life may be inspiring instead of haunting. These people may feel a strong urge to prevent what happened in the past. This may be what is behind those that feel compelled to fight Covid-19 with all that is in them. This could be why, even before Covid-19, someone chose the public health or epidemiology field. Career choices can actually show a great deal about past lives.

Past lives are valuable because they come complete with lessons that may have been missed but we are having a second chance to learn and comprehend. They further remind us that even when faced with tragedy or death, we can continue our spiritual journeys and grow from each.