More about Soulmates, Destiny or Chosen?

More About Soulmates…Destiny or Chosen?

Being in the dating world means that you can meet someone that is divinely picked to meet you. This means that they are part of your life before you even know it.

A soulmate is not what everyone thinks it is and sometimes people think that a soulmate is going to be there for them forever, but the truth is that a soulmate will come and go, and you will have many soulmates throughout your life.

A soulmate is someone that comes from a karmic past and someone that you have a soul agreement with. Your soulmate will be there to teach you to be a better you and will teach you to grow and work through lessons.

Soulmates are people that come into your life, and they help you to figure things out that you were unable to work through before. These people are there to give you a life that is different than what you expected, and they are there to teach you lessons.

Soulmates and Life

Being with your soulmate does not mean that things will be easy, it most likely means that things will be hard and life-changing. Having a soulmate is not the same thing that you watch in movies or that you read about in books.

A soulmate does not come to complete you or to be your other half, but they come into your life in order to teach you a lesson and to show you how to grow and be a better person. Your soulmate is someone that is there to mirror who you are and to help you become whole. A soulmate can be many different people such as:

  • Co-workers
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Lovers
  • Friends

Past Relationships

When you met your soulmate, what was special about how you met them? How did this person make you feel and make you react? What kind of energies did you share with this person? Did you feel like you have known this person for your whole life?

Some believe that soulmates are pre-destined and that they come into your life when you need to take action and when you need to change.

These are people that you will meet rather you want to or not and they are not someone that you call into existence. Some relationships come because the universe sets it up to be that way and this means that you have a divine life that you will meet who you are meant to meet.

Have you ever met someone that makes such a change in your life that you cannot even explain the relationship or why you are in it? Here are some different kinds of relationships that you might have had:


A fated relationship means that you have someone in your destiny that you are meant to meet. This can be someone that comes to you from your past and was there before you were even born.

This person will be looking for you and when you meet them, their energies will be so strong that you will have a hard time explaining what is going on. You will meet these people that you are meant to meet, and they will make a big impact on you when you meet them.


People that come to teach you a lesson can be anyone in your life. This can be a friend or a teacher or just someone that you learn something from. These relationships generally are very short, and you will move on in your life easily after they leave you.


When you meet someone that is significant in your life, you will see that this a universal connection. There will be no need, they will just show up when it is time for you to meet them. Let life move the direction that it is meant to move and see where life takes you.