How to Keep Jealousy from Destroying Your Relationship


Over the years, jealousy has been referred to as a green-eyed monster. Jealousy has often been called the “green-eyed monster,” and with good reason. This creature is created by envy and grows like a cancer and, like this insidious disease it can spread quickly and can kill a relationship.

When it starts to grow it feeds on the jealousy felt by the partner until it turns them into the monster.  This jealousy and envy can turn us against ourselves.  With the jealousy we create tenuous hold on our own self esteem.  This can make us bitter and resentful and leads us into being envious of things that we don’t have that we think are important.

From this tiny seed of envy, a large tree of doubt and mistrust grows towards your partner and for no reason. You may be jealous of people who have a shared history or people who seem closer to your partner.  This can affect your behavior and your partner will definitely notice.

Instead of letting this grow, act positively by getting to know his friends so you can feel reassurance and also learn a bit more about your love. Here are some things you can do to make sure that you do not fall into the prison of jealousy:

  • Do not isolate yourself.
  • Devote free time to other people and not just always your partner.
  • Talk to your friends and colleagues.
  • Have a balance in your relationship.
  • Use self-care and know your own needs.

If you absolutely cannot break this jealousy chain, you can always consult a psychic who uses astrology can study the charts of you and your partner.  They may be able to find out if you really have reason to be jealous. She can also help you understand why you are the jealous type and reassure you that you are just someone inclined to be possessive or jealous. She can help you understand yourself and how to control your jealousy.

Scorpio’s and Jealousy

Scorpio is a sign that is closely connected to jealousy. The feelings in this sign run deep and are not often easy to express. An astrologer will look to see if you have any planets in the sign of Scorpio, especially the Moon or Venus. The Moon in Scorpio creates and possessive and emotional nature, and your sense of security will feel threatened by any ties that your partner has elsewhere.

The Moon in Scorpio will dictate the preference that these things are not displayed. Similar feelings will arise with old friends — especially female friends — and close work colleagues.

Finding love is not easy for a person with the Moon in Scorpio, because no one comes without baggage. Such jealousy can be difficult to communicate and even more difficult to live with, but a psychic can guide you in dealing with these feelings.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio has a slightly different approach. Venus is concerned with looks and romance, so the attractiveness of the exes, female friends, and work colleagues will be a big factor in jealous fears. If you have Venus in Scorpio in your chart, you will feel threatened particularly if your partner’s job brings him into daily contact with attractive women, whom you will see as rivals.

If he has to attend expensive lunches with attractive clients, you will feel threatened and demand that he make up for it by taking you out to dinner. If he has been looking forward to a quiet evening at home with you and does not understand why you need reassurance, it can damage your relationship.

Understanding Jealous Feelings

Understanding why you have these feelings can help you avoid unnecessary bouts of betrayal. He may not understand why you should feel jealous of people he needs to be in contact with every day. He may not understand that you see his contact with his ex in a different light. To him, it is something he has to do because they have joint business interests or children, while to you it looks as if he can’t let go of her.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t let go of these feelings of jealousy, they will molder and eventually destroy the new relationship as well. A psychic will advise you on the best ways of communicating with your partner, either by comparing your astrological natal charts or by reading the Tarot cards.

The key to a happy relationship is mutual understanding. Don’t let your jealousy turn you into another ex-girlfriend.