Healing Your Heart When Its Broken

Healing Your Heart When Its Broken

If your heart has been broken, moving forward can be hard and hurtful. When you start to feel better, you will see that you can look at things from a different point of view and put things in a different perspective that you didn’t before. This can bring you peace and hope that you have made a move towards healing. When you find your healing journey and you get your heart fixed, you can see that this is sometimes hard to measure.

It is impossible just to make yourself feel better. You can go out with friends or family and connect with yourself and as you do this, your heart will begin to heal. If you are wondering what the signs of healing are, here are some things that you can notice as you move towards your healing:

Talking About It

When you have talked about things in your life and it feels that your heart is broken all over again, you need to heal. You will notice that your heart is starting to heal when you are able to talk about that person or an experience you had without being so sad. If your heart is lighter, you are moving forward in your life.

Present Moment

Did you have a hard time enjoying things because you couldn’t get your ex out of your mind? If this is the case, you can see that as you move forward and you live in the present moment that you can begin healing. Maybe cooking a meal or finding something that you and your ex used to do doesn’t make you feel so bad. This means you are healing.

Joy in Small Things

Another thing that you might have thought that you lost out on for a while was finding the joy in small things. Did you used to smile at little things and find joy in life? Then when your heart hurt and was broken you found that it was hard to smile because you hurt so much? When you start to see joy in small things and are able to laugh again, you are becoming whole.

Positive Thoughts

When you first broke up, chances are you were in a dark place, and you were full of negative thinking. Being hurt is deep and even though you are hurt, time doesn’t stand still. When you find that your days are becoming easier and you are enjoying even the small things and having positive thoughts more than negative thoughts, your healing is on its way.

Remember that it takes time for someone to become new again. Even if you have healed, it doesn’t mean that you will forget the bad things that happened to you and why your heart was broken. This can mean that you have moved on in your life with a lesson that you have learned.

The lessons that you learned over this heartache will help you to be wiser and you will later see that it was a blessing in your life. Learn to connect with yourself and to know who you are, and this can also help you to heal and to move forward in your life.


  1. I found this article to be both comforting and enlightening. The point about talking through your experiences without feeling overwhelming sadness is a true milestone in the healing process. It’s compelling how this piece underscores the significance of self-connection and positive thinking, offering hope to those on their path to emotional recovery.

    • Absolutely, Nancy Joy! The notion of becoming wiser and seeing the experience as a blessing is such a powerful and transformative mindset. It gives a sense of purpose to the pain and encourages personal growth.

  2. Another article penning out a checklist for emotions. Look, if healing were this easy, we’d all be walking around as emotionally balanced Dalai Lamas. It’s much more complex, but hey, at least you tried.

  3. This piece provides practical guidance on recognizing the milestones of emotional recovery. The mention of enjoying the present moment and finding joy in small things is especially resonant.

  4. What an insightful article! It truly captures the nuanced journey of healing after a heartbreak. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on finding joy in small things and living in the present moment. This resonates with my own experiences, and I believe it offers valuable guidance to anyone going through a similar situation.

  5. Healing from a broken heart is such a romanticized notion. I mean, who actually measures their emotional wellness through cooking a meal? If only life were that simple. Let’s all just cook our feelings away!

  6. The idea that moving forward involves both the acknowledgment of past pain and the embrace of new perspectives is compelling. The integration of these experiences into a broader understanding of oneself is well articulated.

  7. The article outlines a thoughtful approach to understanding the signs of emotional healing. Recognizing progress through conversational ease and present-moment engagement seems particularly insightful.

  8. While there are many valid points here, let’s not overlook the fact that everyone’s healing process is extremely personal. These ‘signs’ are not one-size-fits-all, and implying so could lead to more harm than good.

  9. This article is incredibly insightful. It captures the nuanced journey of healing perfectly. The small signs like finding joy in little things really struck a chord with me. Thank you for such a thoughtful piece!

  10. Ah yes, because obviously the key to emotional recovery lies in one’s ability to talk about their ex without shedding a tear. Why hasn’t the medical community embraced this groundbreaking revelation?

  11. It’s interesting to consider how reconnecting with small joys and adjusting one’s thought patterns serve as indicators of healing. The process described here aligns closely with psychological principles of resilience.

  12. The notion that healing is an iterative and personal journey, as discussed in the article, is a crucial takeaway. The emphasis on self-connection and learning from past hardships is a valuable perspective.


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