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Couple’s Sleep Position And It’s Meaning

Sleeping may appear like an entirely latent action yet with regards to imparting a bed to your partner, you’re napping style can uncover such a great amount about your relationship. Along these lines, what you do between the sheets matters when you’re being personal as well as when you’re getting those daily Zs, as well.

Check out some of the most common sleeping positions, below, to discover interesting new insight into your bond with your significant other.

Facing Each Other                                                             
sleep 2You two are super connected, not just physically but emotionally. This position allows you to look into each other’s eyes before you close them for the night, and then gaze at each other again first thing in the morning. If the eyes are the window to the soul, as the phrase goes, you definitely take full advantage of this. You love each other deeply and continue to crave feeling that special connection you have.

Embracing Each Other
For the super passionate—or newly coupled—this position is quite the norm. Sleeping wrapped up in each other’s arms indicates commitment, love and devotion, no doubt about that. (However, in some ways, this position may also suggest just the slightest twinge of clinginess, especially if there’s an expectation that you should sleep like this.) If this used to be your go-to sleep style in the beginning of your relationship, when things were exciting and fresh, but you rarely sleep this way anymore, this change isn’t a big deal. At some point, you started prioritizing a good night’s rest over having to deal with the all-too-common side effect of this sleep style: waking up with super painful and tingly dead-arm in the middle of the night.

Many couples may start the night like this, or roll over in the morning to cuddle, which suggests happiness and tenderness. Holding your partner, and being held, causes your bodies to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, making you both feel totally blissed out. Both long-term and new couples alike may enjoy the sweetness of this position, whether they sleep all night this way or just spoon briefly.

sleep 1This position suggests a feeling of comfort and nurture, with one person passively lying on the other. The partner who’s being laid on is a pillar of strength and stability, while the partner who’s doing the lying may be more differential and sensitive. By being the yin to the other’s yang, this sleep style indicates compatibility: You each bring something unique to your relationship that fulfills the other’s needs.


It’s easy to label this position as not as passionate as the others—after all, what’s romantic about two people who supposedly love each other retreating to opposite sides of the bed? But, really, sleeping back-to-back is quite benign and shouldn’t be looked at as sign of a lack of intimacy. Rather, you both respect each other’s needs for sleep, and space, when needed, recognizing that sometimes it’s okay to put one’s own comfort first. As long as you do some snuggling, or something more, in your bed, sleeping like this shouldn’t be a cause for concern about the state of your relationship.

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