Are You in a Karmic Relationship?

Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is one that can be full of passion, but it can also be full of hurt and pain. Being in this kind of relationship is part of your spiritual growth and a learning process that you will experience. They will teach you to understand and test love. Chances are that in this kind of relationship, they will push all of your buttons, but remember, this kind of love isn’t meant to last.

Most of the time, people that are in a karmic relationship will often be lovers, but this isn’t always necessary. This could even be a parent and child relationship, a work relationship or something else. The person will probably be abusive or toxic and someone you have to work closely with or live with.

Karmic relationships can be terrible. People in these relationships often live in toxic relationships and experience some kind of abuse or codependency.

One of the people in this relationship will likely be abusive and they will probably not change. They will do what they want to the person that they are abusing and leave them feeling worthless and broken.

The relationship is considered karmic because it is something that you have to learn about yourself and something that has attached to you from things you did in your past life. The abuser or the addict or whoever is hurting in the relationship will treat you bad in your life but they will pay for this later in their life. You have to learn a lesson with this kind of relationship.

You will see that you have a higher purpose in your life and that you can get out of this relationship and live a better life. Once you do this, you will have learned your life lesson. This means that there will be less emotions and drama that you have to face.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Here are some signs you might be in a karmic relationship:

Strong Connections

You will have such a strong connection in a karmic relationship that it will feel like it was destiny. You will feel that they are perfect for you and you will be totally attached to them. The connection will be passionate, and you will feel like you cannot live without them.

Addictive Personality

This person will make you feel so addicted that you will feel that you are so in love with them. You might be swayed by their looks, power or who they are in the community.

Repetitive Behaviors

When you are in relationships that all act and feel the same, you are stuck in a karmic cycle. Being in relationships that always have problems can mean that you haven’t learned your lesson yet.

Selfish and Controlling

A karmic relationship will likely be selfish and controlling. All good relationships have boundaries and when you are in one and you find that there are no boundaries, this can take away your happiness.

Don’t ignore their flaws and pay attention to what is going on in the relationship. Don’t give all of your power to the person that you are with and make sure that you are equally dependent with each other on finances, emotions and love.

Bring Out Fears

This relationship will be there to teach you a lesson. This means that they will bring out the worse in you. This is so that you can fix things and deal with it. You might face things like fear of being abandoned, fear of committing, or fear of being rejected. All of these things are inside of you and your karmic relationship will bring all of these undesired feelings out to the surface.

Irrational Thinking

Karmic relationships are often irrational and unpredictable. This can be small things or big things, but it can make you insecure and vulnerable. You will see that you are always doing things that you aren’t used to doing and you aren’t being yourself. You might start drinking or smoking or not doing the jobs that you need to do. They might also bring out emotions like anger that you aren’t used to holding on to.

Pushing Your Buttons

The biggest part of a karmic relationship is that you have to learn how to love who you are so that you can move forward. Don’t always feel the need to be in control over everything and learn to give in. Let your ego go so that you can focus on who you are. This is important in your future relationships.

Quick Ending

Most karmic relationships end fast. They are not meant to last and they are really meant to help you to love yourself in an unconditional way. You are a great person and you will see that your life will get better after you move out of this relationship.

Final Thoughts

Karmic relationships are there to help you get rid of fears and negative things that you have in your life and in the past life. They help you to learn life lessons that can make you better. These relationships are meant to help you to heal and help you to accept who you are.

These relationships prepare you to live your best life and to have power, love and release from negative thoughts and emotions. When you get out of this relationship, you will see that you have become a better person.