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Can You Make Your Relationship Last?

        It’s a cliche that says “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all” Well… in contrary to a Walt Disney movie, love isn’t always everlasting. ‘Happily Ever After’ is now a thing of fairytales. With divorce rates skyrocketing and the …

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Friends To Lovers: Breaking Barriers

       Crossing that line from friendship to romance can be heavenly yet difficult and extremely tricky. In social psychology, friendships that merge into love fall under a type of love called Storge. Many people may have a secret crush on their friend but resist pulling a When Harry Met Sally for …

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Bashert For Forever

Finding bashert can be a needle in a haystack but once found… It could be the greatest gift the universe and destiny can give you. But, what is your bashert and what blessings, beauty and benefits can come from discovering them? Let’s go into some of these so that you …

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Guarantee The Success Of Your Relationship

  Every relationship is unique and we cannot have a standard procedure on how to keep it going smooth but how come others make it through and end up happily? What’s the secret? Well… there are some traits every successful relationship should have. Here are five things you shouldn’t do …

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Making Your Relationship Last A Long Time

         Have you ever felt as though your relationship is slowly simmering down and possibly drifting apart? Well… maybe it’s time to give it the right action to become a stronger, happier and healthier one. All relationships have their ups and downs and many couples go through …

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Ways To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

 Does the excitement slowly drifting away in the relationship? I know that most of the people will reminisce the time where you and your partner first met and did things together that was probably very romantic and impulsive. During that exciting and memorable time of courtship, having someone you admired …

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