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Are You In A Love Hate Relationship?

           There is just a very thin line separating love and hate, goes the old song. But is it true? Maybe… Both of it is a very strong emotion but what is a love-hate relationship? Is it possible that you can feel love for your partner in …

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Are You In A Dead-End Relationship?

      There are plenty of couples stayed in relationships that passed their expiration date and I was in one and there were many reasons why I didn’t end it… There was the fear of being alone, the thought that it might be harder without my partner and the …

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Is He The One For You?

        You think that you might be falling in love with someone after couple of dates and spending time together but you’ve been hurt before so you wanted to make sure that you’re doing it right this time… You are determined you won’t let that happen again. Your …

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