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Are You With A Narcissist Lover?

  A lot of people harbor narcissistic traits but how would you know if you're one or you're inlove with one? Loving a narcissist can be frustrating in good times and exhausting in challenging times. Knowing more about narcissistic traits can give you deeper insight into what it means to love a …

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Are You In A Love Hate Relationship?

           There is just a very thin line separating love and hate, goes the old song. But is it true? Maybe... Both of it is a very strong emotion but what is a love-hate relationship? Is it possible that you can feel love for your partner in …

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Is It Really Over?

                 I often hear  people says "when will my love comes back or should I already give up?" When it comes to the matters of the heart, the most common response is "my heart tells me yes, but my head says no." A client …

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What Types Of Relationship Are You In?

 Relationships always take their own unique situation and substance. Some results in lifelong partnerships while others devolve into name-calling and bitter separation. Three different types of love exist: twin flame, karmic, and soul mate. Which category best describes your relationship? Karmic Love: A Lesson Learned Your karmic love exists to teach …

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Have You Finally Meet The One?

            Finally! you met a great person and you feel that they may be the one but how can you really tell? Is it enough to have a very loud heartbeat when you're with the person? There are some basic guidelines that you can follow in order to …

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Clingy Woman Is Never Attractive

     A lot of men wants to be needed by a woman but a needy woman will send any man running for the hills. There are some women who need a lot of caring and attention. They want to hear from the man several times a day which is annoying …

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