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Ways To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

 Does the excitement slowly drifting away in the relationship? I know that most of the people will reminisce the time where you and your partner first met and did things together that was probably very romantic and impulsive. During that exciting and memorable time of courtship, having someone you admired …

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How Will You Meet Your Soulmate

      Let’s accept the fact that we all want and need love. We can survive on food and water but we thrive on human connection, some might deny it due to failed relationship or afraid to get hurt but secretly wanting it in the core of their life. …

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How To Find Your Partner

Love is something that everyone is ever seeking whether they admit it or not. It is perhaps the most essential experience that each and every one of us desires and craved for. It can be more than daunting to navigate the realm of potential partners and life mates. But fear …

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Healthy Habits Of A Good Marriage

Marriage does not come with a manual and neither is there a foolproof way to prepare for it.  With that being said, there really is no guarantee that the marriage is a success and will remain as one.   In such a union, love is not love lone like roses and …

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